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Corn Removal in Dallas, Plano, Prosper & Allen, TX

Corns are caused by excessive pressure on the skin of the foot. Over time, this pressure thickens a portion of the skin and eventually gets inflamed to become a corn. Some causes of corns are:

Wearing ill-fitting shoes

High heels and tight shoes cause pressure on your feet. This can result in the development of corns. Experts discourage wearing tight shoes as well as loose shoes. This is because loose shoes have extra space where friction takes place.

Not wearing socks

When you don’t wear socks, you are at risk of developing corns. Without socks, your skin will have direct contact with the surface of your shoes. This prolonged friction will result in the thickening of the skin on your feet.

Bony prominences from foot deformity

Certain foot deformities may cause the bones to become more prominent and have less soft tissue covering. This leaves these areas at risk of developing corns.

Loss of fat pad

The loss of fat pad at the bottom of the foot may cause the weight bearing surface of the bones to become inflamed and irritated. Since there is less soft tissue between the bones and hard surfaces, increased pressure can lead to hardening of the skin.

A corn may appear harmless. However, if left untreated, it will often lead to difficulty walking. In the worst cases, corn complications may cause a wound that could potentially lead to amputation. Just like other foot conditions, early detection helps in treating corns. If you know that you have a corn at an early stage, you can often prevent complications.

Corn Symptoms

The following are some early symptoms of corn:

  • Bulk bump
  • Hardened, rough portion of skin
  • Dull and flaky skin
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Skin tenderness

Corns can affect anyone, young and old, male and female. Based on reports, people who are engaged in strenuous activities are more likely to develop corns. Also, people who always put pressure on their feet and hands are at high risk. Aside from these, experts believe that people with underlying foot conditions are more vulnerable in developing corns. Mild corns can be treated using home remedies. Some of the DIY remedies for corn removal are:

Use a Moisturizer. Frequent application of moisturizer prevents corns. This is because moisturizer keeps the skin smooth, reducing friction.

Soak Your Feet. For easier corn removal, soak the affected area in lukewarm water.

Wear Well-fitted Socks and Shoes. Another way to remove corns is by wearing cushioned shoes and socks. This type of foot gear will significantly reduce the friction in your feet.

Utilize Pads.  Wearing protective foot pads also helps prevent complications because foot pads prevent the buildup of friction. You can use the generic pads sold in drugstores. However, make sure you choose one without chemicals.

Trim Thickened Skin. You can also remove your corns manually. Do this during or immediately after your bath. Use an emery board, pumice stone, or rough washcloth to thin hardened corns. Once they are thin, they’ll be easier to remove.

When these home remedies do not help resolve your symptoms, see your podiatrist to have the corn professionally removed. Our foot surgeon may consider surgical intervention if the corn is persistent and restricts your daily activities.

How does a podiatrist perform corn removal?

Podiatrists will scrape corns using a surgical blade. In the case of recurring corns, we’ll provide additional treatments to remove the corn and prevent recurrence. If the corn is persistent and painful, we can perform surgery to remove any bony prominence that’s causing pressure.

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Do you have corn? Do you want to remove it permanently? Schedule an appointment with Graff Foot Ankle and Wound Care today. Call (972) 403-7733 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form to schedule your visit.

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