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Hammertoe is a foot condition whereby the middle joint of the toe is bent due to weak muscles.

Hammertoe & Claw toe Treatment is a foot condition whereby the middle joint of the toe is bent due to weak muscles.

Due to the frail muscles, the tendons of the toe become short and eventually result in the curling of the toes (forming like a hammer).

According to research, hammertoe is hereditary. But in some cases, people developed this condition when they wear tight shoes over a long period of time.

Usually, hammertoes occur on the second, third, or fourth toe. Women are more prone to this toe deformity. This is because they have lots of shoe gear. Also, women tend to wear tight shoes for aesthetics’ purposes.

Once you notice that you have this condition, immediately take necessary actions. Reason is because hammertoe causes extreme pain if not immediately treated. If you have an existing health condition, such as diabetes, the more you need to get immediate treatment. People with diabetes already have poor blood circulation. If they develop hammertoe, it will lead to severe complications.

Aside from Hammertoe & Claw toe Treatment, another foot condition that must be treated immediately is the claw toe. Unlike the hammertoe, claw toe affects both the middle and end joints of the toes.

This condition causes severe recurring pain. According to experts, people that are more prone to having claw toe are those always wearing tight shoes. The pressure of the tight shoes will cause imbalance to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Eventually, the ligaments and tendons will become short and will cause the toes to bend downward.

Claw toe is also a painful condition. Thus, you must treat this before complications occur.

Hammertoe & Claw toe Treatment

The following are some of the tried and tested treatments for hammertoe and claw toes:

Wear Fitted Shoes.

To relieve that pain, always wear shoes that fit perfectly. Also, make sure that the shoe that you wear has a soft padding. You can buy over-the-counter metatarsal shoe pads in any drugstore.


You can also take anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the pain caused by hammertoe. In extreme cases, doctors may opt to inject the patient with cortisone. 

Custom-made Insert.

If the pain is unbearable, podiatrists may prefer to create customized foot inserts. Inserts placed inside the shoe is proven effective in reducing the pain caused by Hammertoe & Claw toe Treatment. Inserts also prevent the hammertoe from getting worst.


Studies proved that continuous foot exercises help resolve the muscle imbalance that causes hammertoe. At the early stage of hammertoe, splinting exercises are recommended. 


If the hammertoe is already in the critical stage, a surgical operation is the last resort. You don’t have to worry since the surgery for this condition is less invasive. There is no downtime after the surgery.

Claw toe Treatment

Wear Shoe With Broad toe box.

Shoes with a wide toe box can help alleviate the symptoms of claw toes. The wide toe box produces lower friction to the callus inhibiting the pain.

Used Forefoot Products.

For mild cases, you can wear toe splints and toe crests. These devices help align the ‘curled’ toe without the need for surgery. Toe splints and crests are also effective in reducing the pain attributed to claw toe.

Gel toe Caps and Shields.

You can also wear toe caps and shields to prevent the claw toe from getting worst. Gel toe caps and shields relieve the pain caused by claw toe. Gel toe caps and shields serve as toe lubricants.


If none of the above conservative remedies work, then the last resort is surgery. Claw toe surgery includes the cutting of bones, ligaments, and tendons to correct the deformity of the toes. To make sure that the toes are in place during the operations, the doctor will pin all the affected toes.

These are some of the treatments for hammertoe and claw toe.

To know the best treatment for you, just consult your trusted podiatrist.

Can you Straighten Hammertoes

Yes. Depending on the severity, you can straighten hammertoes with or without surgery.

For non-surgical, you can try these:

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes
  2. Use Pumice Stone
  3. Do Foot Exercises.

If all of these fail, your last resort is to undergo surgery.

Can you Reverse a Hammertoe

Yes. By simply wearing well-fitted shoes, you can reverse a hammertoe. Comfortable shoes provide enough space for the toes to move. This will lessen the development of painful callus. In extreme cases, surgery is needed to reverse a hammertoe.

Can you Correct a Hammertoe Without Surgery

Yes. As mentioned above, wearing comfortable shoes and doing foot exercises are some of the non-surgical remedies for hammertoes. But if you have a severe hammertoe, only surgery can resolve it.

What Causes Hammertoe

The major cause of hammertoe is the prolonged wearing of tight shoes. The stress on the muscles will develop a painful callus. Over time, the toes will be deformed.

Can you Straighten Claw Toes

There are two classifications of claw toes: flexible and rigid. If what you have is the flexible type, you can straighten the claw toes by just using your hands. Meanwhile, rigid claw toes cannot be corrected by merely using your hands. Surgery is needed for rigid claw toes.

What Causes a Claw toe

The cause of claw toe is a muscle imbalance. Due to the unstable built of the muscle, the tendons and ligaments will be shortened. As a result, the joints will bend. Doctors also said that some cases of claw toe are actually complications of arthritis.

What Does Claw Toe Look Like

From the name itself, you’ll have ‘claw-like’ toes. The toe closest to the ankle will point upwards, while the other toes will bend down. If left untreated, claw toe will develop to painful callus that may result in foot ulcers.

Are Hammertoe and Claw toe the Same

No. There is a thin line separating these foot conditions. Claw toe is a deformity that affects almost all of the small toe joints. On the other hand, hammertoe only affects the middle joint of the toes.

Claw toe vs Hammertoe

Claw toe and hammertoe have lots of similarities. But these foot conditions are totally different.

Hammertoe only affects the middle joint of the toe. Any of the four small toes could be affected in this condition. Most of the time, hammertoe occurs as a complication of bunions. The cause of hammertoe, according to podiatrists, is the imbalance of muscles and tendons.

On the other hand, claw toes cause deformities to all the four small toes. In claw toe, both the middle and end joints are bent towards the ground. According to doctors, the cause of claw toes is muscle imbalance.

Whether you have a hammertoe or claw toe, you must undergo immediate treatments. Consult a trusted podiatrist to know the best treatment for you.

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