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Extensor Tendonitis Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Extensor tendonitis is found in the hands and feet. Extensor tendons are bands of tissue that connect the bones in your fingers to the muscles in the back of your hand. The extensor tendons help you to straighten your fingers, thumbs, and wrists. The extensor tendons in your feet connect the bones of your toes to the muscles at the front of your legs. The extensor tendons allow you to move your toes.

When the extensor tendon is irritated, it can get inflamed or injured. This condition is known as extensor tendonitis. The skin covering the extensor tendons is very thin, and the extensor tendons are not well protected with thick muscles or fatty tissue. Extensor tendons are also frequently used when moving your wrists and feet, making them prone to injury.

Causes of extensor tendonitis

There are different factors that could lead to extensor tendonitis. These include:

  • Spending lots of time on your feet
  • Wearing shoes that are too tight
  • Running or using running shoes that press too hard on the tendons
  • Excessive use of tendons in your hands for sports or other activities where you use your wrists
  • Typing repeatedly on a computer keyboard
  • Playing instruments such as piano, keyboard or guitar can strain extensor tendons

Symptoms of extensor tendonitis

Hand or foot pain is the most common symptom of extensor tendonitis. You may feel pain at the top of your foot, usually close to the center of your foot. You may feel pain at the top of your hand. Other symptoms of extensor tendonitis you may experience include:

  • Redness, warmth or swelling around the affected tendon
  • Increased discomfort during activities
  • A crunchy feeling or sound around the affected tendon
  • Stiffness of the joint around the affected tendon
  • Inability to move your toes
  • Inability to freely move your thumbs, fingers, and wrist
  • Numbness or tingling around the affected tendon

Do you need extensor tendonitis treatment? Get extensor tendonitis treatment today. Schedule an appointment with Graff Foot Ankle and Wound Care. (972) 403-7733 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form to schedule your visit.

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