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Corn Removals

Corn Removals excessive pressure exerted on the skin. Over time, the pressure thickens a particular portion of the skin. And eventually, the hardened skin will get inflamed and become corn.

The appearance of corns is very similar to that of callus. However, corns are smaller in size.Corn Removals

Based on studies, corns are not hereditary. They develop due to certain factors and circumstances.

The following are some of the causes of corn:

Wearing of Unfit Shoes.

High heels and tight shoes cause pressure to your feet. This can result in the development of a corn. Wearing of tight shoes is discouraged by experts, as well as wearing of loose shoes. This is because loose shoes have more extra space where friction takes place.

Not Wearing of Socks.

When you don’t wear socks, you are also at risk of developing corn. Without socks, your skin will have direct contact with the surface of the shoes. The prolonged friction will result in the thickening of the skin in your feet.

Prolonged Used of Hand Tools and Instruments.

If you are using a hand tool for an extended period of time, you are also prone to having corn as a result of friction. The same thing happens when you use musical instruments for a long period of time. As you keep on playing musical instruments, your hands will also develop thick skin lumps.

Corn may appear as a harmless foot condition. However, if this left untreated, this will affect your daily routine. Corns often lead to difficulty in walking. In the worst cases, complications of corn may lead to amputation.

Just like the other foot conditions, early detection helps a lot in treating corn. If you know that you have corn at an early stage, you can prevent its complications.

The following are some of the early symptoms of corn:

  • Bulk bump
  • Hardened and rough portion of the skin
  • Dull and flaky skin
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Portion of the skin becomes tender

If you experience any of these, do a thorough assessment. Carefully check the status of the affected part of your foot or hand. And if the symptoms persist, immediately consult your doctor.

Corns can affect anyone, young and old, male and female. Based on reports, people who are engaged in strenuous activities are more likely to develop corns. Also, people who always put pressure on their feet and hands are at high risk. Aside from these, experts believe that people with underlying foot conditions are more vulnerable in developing corns. Mild corns can be treated using home remedies.

Some of the Do-It-Yourself remedies to remove corns are the following:Corn Removals

Use a Moisturizer.

Frequent application of moisturizer prevents corns. This is because moisturizer keeps the skin smooth, reducing friction. 

Soak Your Feet and Hands.

To make it easier for you to remove corns, soak the affected area in lukewarm water.

Wear Well-fit Socks and Shoes.

Another means of removing corns is by wearing cushioned shoes and socks. These foot gears will significantly reduce the friction in your feet. 

Utilize Pads.

Wearing of protective foot pads also helps prevent the complications of corns. This is because foot pads prevent the buildup of friction. You can use the generic pads sold in the drugstores. However, make sure you choose the one with no chemical composition. 

Trim Thickened Skin.

You can also remove your corns manually. Do this during or immediately after you take a bath. You can use the emery board, pumice stone, or even a washcloth to thin hardened corns. Once the corns become thin, it will be easier for you to remove them. Now, if you are not confident in doing this, you can ask someone to help you trim your corns.

These are some of the home remedies that you can use to remove your corns. But if in case all of these don’t work, you don’t have any other option but to undergo corn removal surgery. This kind of surgery will permanently remove corns. Just contact a reputable doctor for a corn removal surgery.

How do you get rid of Corns Permanently

If you got mild Corn Removals, you don’t need to undergo invasive treatments. Do-it-yourself remedies are more than enough to treat your corns. However, if you have recurring corns, you need to undergo a corn removal surgery.

In corn removal surgery, your doctor will completely remove the corn, including its underlying bony component. In worst cases, your doctor may even cut the bursa (soft) tissue to stop the inflammation. The corn removal surgery is considered as an invasive procedure; thus, this requires anesthesia.

The recovery time for corn removal surgery is relative. But on average, you need at least 48 hours to recover from the tingling sensation caused by the surgery. Within this period, your doctor will advise you to elevate your foot above your heart to reduce the pain.

Is it Painful to Have a Corn Removed

The actual corn removal surgery is not painful. This is due to the anesthesia given to the patient. But after the surgery, you may feel a throbbing or burning sensation on the affected hand or foot. Some patients may even feel numbness after the surgery. All of these are just normal reactions of the body. After more or less than 40 hours, the said adverse reactions would disappear.

How do Podiatrists Remove Corns

To remove the corns, doctors usually use a surgical blade. Podiatrists will literally scrape the corns using the surgical blade. In the case of recurring corns, additional treatments will be given to the patients. Most of the supportive treatments for corns are salicylic acid-based. You don’t need to worry since corn removal products are available over-the-counter in drugstores.

Can a Corn be Removed

Yes. There are lots of ways to remove corns. You can use the home remedies if you have mild corn. People with severe corns may need to undergo corn removal surgery.

Corn Removals in Dallas

Podiatrist treating feet during procedure

The home remedies for Corn Removals are very simple. These include soaking the affected area in lukewarm water. Applying moisturizers may also help remove the corns. Another way to prevent corns is by wearing well-fitted shoes.

To get more information on how to remove corn, visit a trusted podiatrist.

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