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What Is a Podiatrist and When Should You See One?

What Is a Podiatrist and When Should You See One?

Posted On: June 17, 2022

Feet are parts of the body that many individuals either hate or love. Regardless, your feet are parts of the body that need to be carefully taken care of. For this, a specialist who knows how to handle any foot problems that may pop is in order.

The doctor that you need to get in touch with to handle those sensitive foot problems is a podiatrist doctor.

Let’s take a look at the question “what is a podiatrist”. Do your feet require a podiatrist vs orthopedist? How do you book that important doctor’s appointment?

Below you will find answers to the questions you’ve been looking for. It’s time to find out what the most beneficial option for you and your feet is, right in time for those sandal months.

What Does a Podiatrist Do?

One of the biggest questions about a podiatrist is what they do. In layman’s terms, a podiatrist is a foot doctor. They are the ones who handle all of the problems when it comes to your feet and your lower legs.

What a podiatrist can do is diagnose many different sorts of foot problems such as bunions corn removals, and even foot pain. For all of your foot problems, a podiatrist is who you’re going to want to see to clear up those problems and get you back on the right track with your feet.

Your podiatrist will be the first to spot any foot problems that may be on the rise. They can even write you recommendations for things such as physical therapy to fix foot problems you’re experiencing.

Seeing a foot doctor is a beneficial part of your health if you’ve been having trouble with your feet and lower legs

What Is the Difference Between a Podiatrist and Orthopedist?

There are subtle differences between a podiatrist and an orthopedist that you may not recognize at first.

An orthopedist deals with the bones and joints in your feet and ankles. They’re the ones to go to if your joints aren’t working correctly and you need an expert opinion if you need surgery. They’re able to study your feet and tell you if any bone spurs need further attention.

Podiatrists deal with the physical defects that might be happening with your feet. They’d be the ones to diagnose athlete’s foot or even recommend further diabetic foot care that may be needed.

These two professions may seem close to one another, but they both take care of very different parts of your feet. For the average foot problem, it is a podiatrist that you need.

What Ages Should See a Podiatrist?

The need for a podiatrist is not limited to those of older ages. Even children have the needs to sometimes require further foot care. For children, a podiatrist can help to fix things such as club foot and other walking problems.

if your child has been having difficulty with their feet, a professional may be required for their needs. Contacting a doctor sooner rather than later may prove to be beneficial to your child.

Specialists in Wound Care

When your feet need extensive care for non-healing wounds or specialized treatment there’s no better place to go. When you seek out a professional you get the best treatment possible. These professionals understand how best to handle your unique case.

A top podiatrist understands the significance of many different areas of limb treatment. They can provide you with the top care and support in areas that your general doctor wouldn’t know how to handle. Their specialty is knowing how to handle your feet.

With an in-house cardiovascular doctor, your vitals are monitored the entire time you’re being taken care of. Wound care is a serious part of making sure your feet are in the best shape possible.

For all major emergencies with needed foot care, wound care specialists remain to be podiatrists. Some wounds do not heal as easily when they are in easy to redamage places.

Major Foot Problems That Need a Specialists

The question you may be wondering most is about what types of problems may lead you to go to see a podiatrist. Those types of questions have many different answers. Ultimately, you may want to make an appointment just to make sure there isn’t anything wrong with your feet.

As for specific reasons you want to visit a podiatrist, let’s go through some of the most common reasons to visit one.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common reasons to see a foot doctor. Inflammation and heel pain are two indicators of plantar fasciitis. Usually, this type of inflammation presents itself as sharp pains to the heel.

Ingrown nails are another reason to contact your healthcare provider. This happens when the nail begins to grow into the skin beside it. These types of ingrown nails can be very painful to walk with.

Now You’ve Answered the Question: What Is a Podiatrist?

Gaining the knowledge of what a podiatrist is is the first step in getting help for those foot problems you’ve been having. Instead of wondering “what is a podiatrist”, take the steps in getting help for your feet. It’s time to call us and get ready to show off your feet this summer.

Foot problems can be painful to walk with. They can make you not want to be active or even reduce you to not being able to walk very often. Contacting your podiatrist will prevent any major problems from affecting your mobility.

When you’re ready to get started on your treatment, we’ll be waiting for your call. Contact us today for more information on setting up your appointment. We’re ready to help you achieve the best foot health possible.