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Neuroma without surgery & Treatment in Plano, Dallas, Prosper & Allen, TX

Neuroma without surgery & Treatment in Plano, Dallas, Prosper & Allen, TX

Posted On: March 18, 2020

A neuroma treatment is a benign nerve tumor. Usually, it is found between the third and fourth toes. A neuroma is a painful foot condition. In some cases, a neuroma may cause numbness in the entire foot.

The main symptom of a neuroma is recurring pain. That is why people with this condition usually don’t engage in strenuous activities. Some also find relief by removing their shoes. Also, applying pain reliever ointment may help alleviate the pain caused by neuroma.

neuroma without surgery

Doctors cannot pinpoint the exact cause of neuroma. However, some factors are seen as possible causes of neuroma.


According to doctors, one of the possible causes of this foot condition is trauma. People that have experienced traumas on their feet are prone to developing this condition. This is because the trauma will result in inflammation of the affected foot. Eventually, the inflammation will become a tumor.

Biomechanical Deformities.

People with flat foot or high-arched foot are more prone to developing a neuroma. This is because these people have instability when standing, leading to continuous stress on the foot. The pressure will cause the development of the nerve tumor.

Improper Footwear.

Another cause of neuroma treatment is wearing of tight shoes. High-heeled shoes are also discouraged by doctors as it increases pressure on the heels.

Workplace activities.

If you are engaged in activities that require prolonged standing, you are likely to develop neuroma. Experts advised wearing of shoes with soft padding to minimize the risk of neuroma treatment in the workplace.

You should see a doctor before neuroma gets worse to prevent severe complications.

The following are some of the most common symptoms of a neuroma.

  • Recurring pain in the forefoot and toes
  • Pain in your foot when weight is placed
  • Numbness in your foot
  • Swelling and redness between the toes

When the neuroma is still in the early stage, you can manage its symptoms at home. The following are some of the home remedies that you can use to manage the discomfort caused by neuroma treatment.

Wear Loose Shoes.

One of the best home remedies to prevent neuroma from getting worse is to wear loose shoes. Shoes with wide space inside will keep the toes relaxed. This will result in the reduction of swelling. Also, when you wear comfortable shoes, the pain will subside. This is because the nerves of the toes are no longer constrained.

Frequently Massage the Foot.

It will also help a lot if you regularly massage the affected foot. Constantly massaging the foot will help relax the muscle tissues and also promotes good blood flow. As a result, the pain caused by neuroma treatment will gradually fade away.

Use shoe pads.

You can also buy over-the-counter shoe pads to protect your toes. Wearing shoe pads help to relieve stress on the foot. 

Use ice Pack to Relax the Foot.

Another way to relax the affected toe is by using ice packs. Ice is very effective in managing the pain brought by the neuroma.

Use Shock- absorbent Shoes.

Find shoes that have shock-absorbent soles. This kind of shoes will keep your foot relaxed. Also, shock-absorbent shoes help lessen the impact of stress or pressure on your toes.

These are some of the home remedies that you can use to manage the pain caused by neuroma. While these measures help a lot in alleviating pain, permanent cure is not guaranteed. To treat neuroma permanently, visit a trusted podiatrist.

 Do Neuroma go away on its own?

Unfortunately, neuroma doesn’t go away on its own. You need to use some treatment measures to alleviate the condition. At some point, the pain may stop, but it will eventually reoccur. Most of the home treatments for neuroma are only capable of managing the pain and swelling of the foot. There is no guarantee of a cure. So, if you want to get rid of a neuroma, visit a trusted podiatrist.

How do you treat Morton’s Neuroma without surgery?

There are several ways to manage the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma. If the case is just mild, you don’t need to undergo surgery. You can just try the home remedies. Fortunately, home remedies that manage the symptoms (pain and swelling) of Morton’s neuroma are very simple.

neuroma without surgery

You can try the following:

  • Ice Massage
  • Wear Well-fit Shoes
  • Rest and Relaxed
  • Take OTC anti-inflammatory drugs

What Does a Neuroma Feel Like

When you have a neuroma, your second, third, and fourth toes will feel pain. After the recurring pain, you may feel numbness on your foot. The tingling sensation will start from the ball of the foot towards the end of the toes. Most of the cases of neuroma also cause a ‘hot pebble’ sensation between the toes.

Once you notice something wrong in the base of your foot, immediately check it out. Consult a doctor to check if you have a neuroma. Early detection helps a lot to treat neuroma without undergoing invasive surgeries.

What happens if Morton’s Neuroma goes untreated

Morton’s neuroma is different from the typical neuroma. Morton’s neuroma is actually not a tumor. It is just a thickening of the tissue that affects the nerves in your toes.

If not treated, Morton’s neuroma will develop complications. The severe complication of Morton’s neuroma is the permanent nerve damage. Also, people with this condition cannot engage in physical activities and sports. Eventually, untreated Morton’s neuroma will make the patient bed-ridden. This is because Morton’s neuroma will hinder the capacity of the foot and toes to bear weights. Standing may even be impossible.

To prevent these complications, you need to act promptly. Once you notice that some lumps are forming around the ball of your foot, immediately consult a doctor. Don’t be afraid to have your feet checked for possible Morton’s neuroma.

Best Place to get Neuroma Treatment in Dallas Plano & Prosper

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